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About Us

Tsogo is a food company. We were developed by food guys … not engineers.

Tsogo isn’t so much of a start-up as it is a business evolution. We’ve been selling freeze-dried fruits, veggies and meals for over a decade in the emergency preparedness industry. Within that industry, we learned that freeze-dried food is the same as fresh food, but without the waste. We learned that freeze-dried is healthy, and it also tastes great.

Like most Americans, we like our meat and potatoes on Sunday. We like gravy on our Thanksgiving turkey. But we also care about the fuel we put into our bodies. Especially during a busy work day when fast food seems like the easiest solution to fill our tanks. We felt like there was a better, more affordable way, and it doesn’t have to taste bad.

We started looking at powdered drinks and food substitutes. If you’re lucky, they come in 2-3 flavors. However, they only give you a portion of what you need and are likely designed to simply keep you from feeling hungry. The taste monotony is also problematic. Even a chocolate lover will learn to hate chocolate if they have it every day for a month. Nothing in this category felt like a healthy, possible long-term solution to balanced, everyday nutrition.

Then we looked at green smoothies and fruit smoothies. Yes – they provided variety but they also required so much planning. We had to always have fresh fruits, spinach, kale, etc. in the fridge. After 2 weeks we felt like we were throwing away more than we were buying…and we HATE wasting food at Tsogo. Fruits and veggies still lacked proteins and other essential nutrients like omegas, healthy fats, etc. We didn’t want our stomachs to just feel full. We wanted our bodies to be healthy, strong and energized.

So, we spent over a year developing Tsogo. An all-natural food replacement that provides you with all the daily nutrients your body needs to thrive. Then, we added freeze-dried fruits and veggies that never go bad and can be kept on your pantry shelf for years. We packaged everything for long-term shelf life, because we know how. Finally, we added boosts to our lineup, like green tea, protein and energy, so you can customize your meal even further. You can eat a Tsogo lunch for under $2 and you can have a different flavor every day for more than a year!

We will never be finished improving our smoothies. Our smoothies are developed to be ever-changing and evolving based on our customer's feedback. We want to hear what you think so our next version can improve. We are also launching more freeze-dried fruits and veggies and more boosts, based on your feedback.

As you use Tsogo products, you’re doing your part to eliminate global hunger. We Americans throw away 130+ billion pounds of food a year. That’s 140+ trillion calories, enough to feed ½ the population of Ethiopia for a year. Use freeze-dried, and never throw away fruits and veggies again.

Try a smoothie and let us know what you think! We want to hear the good, the bad and the ugly so we can become a better supplier of balanced and shelf-stable nutrition every year. We have been consuming Tsogo smoothies nearly every day since August 1, 2015. They work great for us and we think they'll work great for you too. 

Thanks for checking us out!

Jeff Davis & Paul Fulton
Founders at Tsogo