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Tsogo Smoothies are an open-source food product with transparent ingredients and nutritionals to advise consumers of their content. It will change regularly based on consumer feedback. That’s why we need your help. What do you like? What do you dislike? Please provide us feedback so we can continually improve Tsogo.

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16 thoughts on “Tsogo Feedback”

  1. Do you have any plans to offer single-serving pouches of Tsogo? I travel quite a bit for work, and don’t always have a convenient way to keep an entire day’s pouch of the mix with me while I’m bouncing from one customer site to another. Having a pre-measured single-serving would be really useful for my lifestyle.

  2. I ordered the Natural flavor by money order which I am sending back tomorrow, 4/30/2016.
    After trying it once I discovered it is an acquired taste. That’s not to say it tastes unpalatable, just has a slight vitamin flavor to it. So far, I have made two 8 ounce servings with plans to finish the single day pouch. I would have made a full servings but my blender bottle isn’t quite big enough. The natural flavor isn’t quite as good as the vanilla Ensure, which I’m used to but it isn’t bad by any means. I was put on Ensure at the hospital for my cancer and it too was an acquired taste but now is my benchmark. I have tried nearly all the meal and food replacements available in brick and mortar stores and Natural Flavor Tsogo is my second choice. Now, if you plan to blend it with the freeze dried fruits and veggies, I highly suspect you won’t even notice the vitamin taste. As a fun experiment, I’ll be adding some of my homemade cold brewed coffee. 🙂

    • Hi Craig! Thanks for reaching out to us. Tsogo and our packaging is proudly made and packaged in the US! Let us know if you have any other questions. Thanks for enjoying Tsogo!

  3. I love the concept of powdered food that is healthy, has a long shelf life, has little or no waste and doesn’t require planning/waiting to prepare for each meal. I hope to see all of Tsogo products at grocery stores in the near future.

    • Hi Andy- What a great question. Tsogo can definitely be made warm. You’ll love how easily it dissolves. If you want to try something hearty and warm, try mixing it in with some oatmeal and hot water. You’ll love it.

      Have a great camping trip!

  4. Though I did not care to take a survey , I wanted to contact you only to ask ;
    Why can’t I find the “TSOGO COMPLETE MEAL , BUCKET” in your site as I have “THE READY STORE ?”
    I plan on making a rather large purchase (approx. $5000) , for personal use and gifts to my children . I would prefer to make that purchase directly with the manufacturer for better savings ? I hope it can be with you , instead of a “middle man ?” Please reply .

  5. I just placed an order #71000053….. I filled out the survey that was in my e mail for a 10 % discount…
    and a 30% discount on my next order…. I did not have box to put the code in, so therefore did not receive the discounts….
    Today is Dec. 7, 2016
    Please advise why this not come up when I ordered.
    The code was : sur30de06
    Thank you in advance..
    Phyllis Adamson

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