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Q: What does Tsogo mean?
A: Tsogo is a cool name, with an even cooler meaning. Tsogo (pronounced so - go, with a silent T) is a word from the Setswana language meaning “New Life”. Tsogo whole food products provide our customers "new life" by giving them healthy, complete, balanced nutrition that is easy to use and convenient.

Q: How do I use Tsogo shakes?
A: Our nutrition shakes are generally used as high quality meal replacement drinks. Most of our customers drink one or two Tsogos a day, replacing their low nutrition, high calorie meals with our shakes that offer balanced nutrition with lower calories. Our Tsogo nutrition shakes are perfect on their own or you can blend in other ingredients, like fruits or vegetables for some nutritional extra credit.

Q: What makes Tsogo different?
A: At Tsogo, we have reimagined, reinvented and redesigned traditional meal replacement. Tsogo isn’t just empty calories typical of meal replacement, it is complete, balanced nutrition. Tsogo is real food! Your body needs healthy fats to process and absorb vitamins and minerals and allow for normal cell function. You need complex carbs to power you throughout the day and give you energy. You need healthy, plant based protein free from dairy and artificial hormones, to help you build muscle. Any healthy meal should give you a balance of those three key macronutrients for you to be healthy and strong. That is what our Tsogo shakes give you: balanced, complete nutrition in a drink.

Q: What is the difference between your Classic, Complete and Fit shakes?
A: Tsogo Classic is healthy meal replacement with a perfect balance of fats, proteins and carbs. Drink a 400 calorie serving when you need to stay full longer or a 200 calorie lighter serving when you need less. Either way, you are getting balanced nutrition. Tsogo Complete is a Superfood Nutrition Shake. For only 200 calories, you get more than your daily serving of omega-3's and complete proteins from our superfoods like chia, flax, hemp and brown rice. Tsogo Complete is naturally sweetened with stevia and monk fruit. Tsogo Fit is a premium low calorie, low carb, high protein shake. Fit is made with the same plant-based superfoods as are found in Complete but we have pumped up the protein levels and lowered the fat to help you maintain lean muscle while losing fat.

Q: What do Tsogo shakes taste like?
A: If you are new to plant-based drinks, you will notice a little more texture with our Tsogo shakes. This is because Tsogo is made from real food. That means you will taste the gluten-free oat flour, brown rice protein or chia, etc. Our shakes are not overly processed so you are getting the all-natural goodness your body needs. We offer three flavors vanilla, chocolate and a natural flavor that is plain with a slight honey flavor.

Q: How much water do I add to my Tsogo?
A: That mostly depends on personal preference, but the recommendation is 2 scoops of Tsogo for 16 ounces of water. Play around with it and see what you like. We also like adding almond milk to make it a little more creamy.

Q: What about your Tsogo fruit and vegetable powders?
A: At Tsogo, we believe in offering you whole food nutrition that tastes good and is easy to use. Our powders are made from whole, freeze-dried fruits and vegetables. They have the same nutritional punch as fresh produce, but they don't spoil and don't have to be blended. The powders make it easy for your body to absorb the whole food nutrition that are found in these fruits and vegetables.

Q: Are your whole fruits and vegetables good for snacking?
A: Because our fruits and vegetables are just the fresh produce that has been preserved through freeze drying, you are getting the taste, flavor and nutrition as fresh. They are awesome for a quick, healthy snack or to add to your Tsogo smoothie. Give them a try!

Q: Is Tsogo dairy and lactose free?
A: Yes and yes. We use high quality plant-based proteins, not whey protein and there are no other milk products in the Tsogo.

Q: Is Tsogo organic or non-GMO?
A: At Tsogo, we use the very best ingredients. Integrity is important to us, so while none of our products are certified organic or non-GMO, we guarantee that you are getting the very best ingredients available today.

Q: What’s in your Tsogo boosts?
A: Our Tsogo boosts are made from the best natural ingredients available. We currently offer a natural Energy boost, a Caffeine boost, a Green Tea boost and a Rice Protein boost (8g of protein). Each product page offers more detail, so make sure you check those out.

Q: Is Tsogo gluten free?
Yes. We use oat flour and tapioca starch as our main carbohydrates which are both gluten free.

Q: Does Tsogo have soy in it?
No. Tsogo does not contain any soy.

Q: How much Tsogo do you recommend that I drink each day?
A: It depends on your nutritional goals. Many customers drink Tsogo once or twice a day. Some use it for a nutritional supplement, some use it for easy calorie management to maintain their weight or to lose weight. Tsogo takes all the guess work out of your calories and nutrition.

Q: Can I lose weight drinking Tsogo?
A: Only if you choose to consume less calories per day than you already are with regular food. Tsogo can be total food replacement or Tsogo can be a single meal replacement. Tsogo is a simple nutrition-management system that allows you to easily manage your intake each day.

Q: Can my children drink Tsogo shakes?
A: Tsogo shakes were built with an FDA-standard adult diet in mind. Any time you are providing a nutrition smoothie to your kids, we recommend speaking to a physician first. Tsogo Fruits and Veggies, however, are a healthy, tasty and all-natural snack for your children. Many users commented how their kids loved to snack on freeze-dried strawberries, apricots, peaches, etc. as an alternative to typical unhealthy snacks.