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Quick Overview

There's nothing better than a fresh raspberry. That all-in-one sweet and sour taste makes you salivate just thinking about it. (See, you're salivating right now!) Can you imagine how good raspberries would taste in a Tsogo smoothie? Tsogo Raspberries are picked fresh and preserved to keep the same nutrients and flavor you love. Pop them in your smoothie or pack them for your afternoon pick-me-up snack. Tsogo Raspberries will be your favorite go-to fruit.

A pouch of Tsogo fruit & veggies can flavor up to 30 smoothies. A #10 Can will flavor up to 100 smoothies.

Product Features

  • Locked-In Nutrients
  • Perfect for Smoothies
  • Easy, Pop-in-Your-Mouth Snack
  • All Natural, No Additives
  • Long Shelf Life
  • Freeze-Dried = No Waste

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